The Wow Effect

Okimo uses the power of eye-tracking technology to help optometrists demonstrate how visual tracking problems affect learning and how can visual therapy actually help.


Evaluate Reading and show the "Before & After" Treatment

Replay how eyes move over text.
Evaluate Tracking Speed and Comprehension.
Compare performance before and after treatment.

Assessing pursuits?
No more waving a finger or a stick in the air!

Use tracking sensors to capture eye gazes coordinates while doing pursuits and saccades for a powerful demonstration effect.

System Requirements

✓ Windows (7, 8 or 10) Desktop or Laptop
✓ USB 3 ports
GP3 Eye tracker (included in our setup fee)


€ 1,500

GP3 Eye tracker
✓ Holder
✓ Software
✓ Support
€ 60
per month

✓ Unlimited tests
✓ Cloud-based EMR
✓ Offline version
✓ Reports
✓ Support

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